Most of you already have a sewing machine, an overlock and now bear the thought in itself and question the meaning of another auxiliary machine - a cover stitch machine. A cover stitch machine specializes in sewing hems in elastic materials or seams, binding operations and for decorative topstitching.


  • description SC C4
    number of pins 1-2
    number of threads 4,3,2
    Stitches per minute 1300
    stitch length 1-5 mm
    Throw width 3-6 mm
    Differential feed 0 7 - 2
    fully automated Jet Air System -
    Jet Air System -
    ATD - automatic thread supply -
    Voltage tripping upscale foot x
    LED light -
    needle threader manually
    toggle -
    3-needle cover stitch 6 mm x
    2-needle cover stitch 6 mm x
    2-needle cover stitch 3mm x
    Double chain stitch x
    5-thread safety stitch -
    4-thread Overlock -
    3-thread overlock -
    3-thread super-stretch -
    3-thread flat seams -
    3-thread rolled edge -
    3-thread seam -
    2-thread Picostich -
    2-thread overlock -
    2-thread flat seams -
    2-thread rolled edge -
    2-thread seam -
    Wave stitch -