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FREE FEET INCLUDE; Blind Hemming, Elastic, Shirring, 3mm/5mm Piping Foot, Beading.

Small, fine and easy to use is the baby lock Enspire. Its predecessor, the baby lock éclipse, was the first Overlock of the world, which in 1996 was awarded the Japanese innovation prize for outstanding and revolutionary technology.


  • Enspire
    number of pins 1-2
    number of threads 4,3,2
    Stitches per minute 1500
    stitch length 0.75 to 4 mm
    Throw width 3-9 mm
    differential feed 0.6 to 2.0: 1
    fully automated Jet Air System -
    Jet Air System x
    ATD - automatic thread supply -
    Voltage tripping upscale foot x
    LED light x
    needle threader Auto.
    toggle -
    3-needle cover stitch 6 mm -
    2-needle cover stitch 6 mm -
    2-needle cover stitch 3mm -
    Double chain stitch -
    5-thread safety stitch -
    4-thread Overlock 1
    3-thread overlock 2
    3-thread super-stretch 1
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