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Dressmaking Classes

Weekly dressmaking classes are on Mondays/Wednesdays with two time slots;
9:30-12:30(am)  /   1:30-4:30(pm) 
You choose your preferred day/time and then that is your space for the term - we run the classes in conjunction with terms at schools, so we have a break in the half terms and summer holidays. 
Each session costs £25.00 and we take the payment for the whole term before the class starts. 
There is no set project, so you can be of any skill level, even if you have never sewn before, but some slight base knowledge is recommended but not required.
Availability is very limited as once you have your space, it is yours until you choose to stop coming. 
Please contact us and leave your contact information should you wish to find out more about the classes/availability. 

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