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Inspired by German heritage, the PFAFF® performance icon™ sewing machine represents everything you’ve come to value from PFAFF®—a comprehensive and innovative sewing experience that truly delivers to your highest expectation. For over 155 years, PFAFF® has developed elegant sewing machines distinguished by sophisticated technology, superior results and ultimate design freedom. 



    • Largest working area at 12.2in width and 5.1in height (310mm and 140mm)

    • Multi-touch tablet-screen with swipe, pinch and zoom functions

    • Innovative lighting designed for the brightest work space and the most even light disbursement

    • Strongest needle piercing power, ideal for thicker and multi-layered fabrics

    • Larger stitch plate with markings on both sides up to 2-1/2in (63.5mm)

    • Largest height under sewing head at 3in (76.2mm)

    • 10.1in (257mm) display screen area, a 68% increase

    • Strongest needle piercing power, ideal for thicker and multi-layered fabrics


    • All-new custom graphical user interface

    • PFAFF® performance icon™ Help Center with tutorials, techniques, quick start guide, and user’s manual

    • Unique app for connectivity: PFAFF CreatorCue™ app

    • Exclusive ActivStitch™ system for ideal thread portioning

    • Enhanced Original IDT™ system for perfect sewing

    • Changeplacementandsizeofonscreentools

    • Exclusive stitch technique–Triple Ribbon Stitches (10)

    • Exclusive stitch technique–Floating Stitches (23)

    • Exclusive stitch technique–Radiant Stitches (13)

    • Exclusive stitch technique–Lace Edge (6)

    • Exclusive stitch technique–Stacking Stitches (30)

    • Rubberized storage compartment

    • 360-degree machine redesign with ergonomic styling

    • Full-length handle for balance and easy to carry

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