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FREE FEET INCLUDE; Blind Hemming, Elastic, Shirring, 3mm/5mm Piping Foot, Beading.
Comfortable overlocking with ease, the Victory gives you a simple, uncomplicated and comfortable operation and thus creates great overlock results. The Jet-AirTM Threading System developed by baby lock helps you to thread the loopers. Simply insert the looper thread into the appropriate port and press the lever.

The whoosh of air takes the threads straight into the corresponding loopers.


  • Number of needles 1-2
    Number of threads 2/3/4
    Stitches per minute 1500
    Stitch length 0,75 - 4 mm
    Overedge width 2 - 9 mm
    Differential feed x
    Needle threader x
    ATD – automatic thread delivery x
    RevolutionAir™ Threading -
    ExtraordinAir™ Threading -
    Jet-Air Threading™ x
    LED lamp x
    Knee lift -
    Tension release when presser foot is raised x
    4-thread cover stitch 6mm -
    3-thread cover stitch 6mm -
    3-thread cover stitch 3mm -
    Double chain stitch -
    5-thread safety stitch -
    4-thread overlock x
    3-thread overlock x
    3-thread flatlock x
    3-thread rolled hem x
    3-thread rolled seam x
    2-thread overlock x
    2-thread flatlock x
    2-thread rolled hem x
    2-thread rolled seam x
    2-thread picot stitch x
    Wave stitch -
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