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Sew all types of projects with a great selection of 60 stitches. Fully computerised with stitches and settings at the touch of a button. This model has lots of easy to use features which make sewing a pleasure and with an aluminium die cast body you can be assured of Janome’s robust build quality.



    753801004 Automatic Buttonhole Foot (R) 

    822019004 Spool Cap (Small) 

    825817009 Blind Hem Stitch Foot (G) 

    822020307 Spool Cap (Large) 

    808401003 Extension Table (16” x 11”) 

    625031005 Spool Pin (Spare) 

    802424004 Lint Brush 

    102403109 Spool Pin Felt 

    822801001 Overedge Foot (C) with brush 

    822508005 Standard Foot (A) (Black Button) 

    822804004 Satin Stitch Foot (F) 

    808852003 Zipper Foot (E) 

    653802002 Screwdriver (3 Pronged) 

    Bobbins x 4 (Plastic) 

    200133009 Seam Ripper 


    829803004 Spool Base 

    C-1036 Foot Control 

    830315008 Power Cable 


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