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FREE FEET INCLUDE;- Double Fold Bias Binder with Guide Rake 36mm (Inlet 36mm, outlet 10mm)- Plain Hemmer 1/2"- Single Downturn Feller 5/8"- Belt Loop Folder 3/4"- Pintuck and Piping Foot!
Dreams are there to be true, and the Ovation brings this dream to life! The impossible is possible. Up to 8 threads simultaneously can be used to sew beautiful, unimaginable and extraordinary decorative effects.


  • description ovation
    number of pins 1-5
    number of threads 8 - 2
    Stitches per minute 1500
    stitch length 0.75 to 4 mm
    Throw width 3-9 mm
    differential feed 0.6 to 2.0: 1
    fully automated Jet Air System x
    Jet Air System -
    ATD - automatic thread supply x
    Voltage tripping upscale foot x
    LED light x
    needle threader manually
    toggle x
    3-needle cover stitch 6 mm 1
    2-needle cover stitch 6 mm 1
    2-needle cover stitch 3mm 2
    Double chain stitch 3
    5-thread safety stitch 6
    4-thread Overlock 1
    3-thread overlock 2
    3-thread super-stretch 1
    3-thread flat seams 2
    3-thread rolled edge 1
    3-thread seam 1
    2-thread Picostich 1
    2-thread overlock 2
    2-thread flat seams 2
    2-thread rolled edge 1
    2-thread seam 1
    Wave stitch 18
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