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Create the look of traditional, hand-work stitching passed down through generations on the Sashiko Machine. Replicate this distinctive and celebrated stitch and add a hand-stitched touch to any project with a machine that is truly the first of its kind.


£1,924.00 Regular Price
£1,635.40Sale Price
  • description Sashiko
    Number of needles 1
    Number of filaments 1
    needle system QK x 1
    Sewing speed 400 stitches per minute
    stitch length 2 - 5mm
    stitch spacing 2 - 5mm
    Adjustable feet height yes (in Accessories)
    Sewing speed Yes
    stitch length 1-5 mm
    Thread cutter Manually
    adjustable presser foot pressure Yes
    needle positioning High / Low position
    Sewing light CCF lamp
    weight 13.0 kg
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